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2018; Germany

Director / Montage

Turkish with English and German Subtitles
'Welcomed to Germany?' is a self-reflexive video based on the motivations and experiences of friends who moved to Berlin from Istanbul since the Gezi Rebellion, 2013. The film is a claim to write the close-histories of the arrived-city through minor-stories of the new migrants. The video intends for more democratic modes of history-writing where the narratives intertwine, overlap, and their borders become ambiguous whilst the video comes closer to our common stories: te fabula naratur. It is merely a means to remember, to construct a collective future.

ZAHIR – 11’24’’
Turkish with English and German Subtitles
'Zahir' is an impressionistic video emerging from Welcomed to Germany? series. I borrow the experiences to multiply them in my experiences and to render a ‘fourfaced’ vision. The video has one obstruction: “Use only the sounds and images produced by the speakers in Welcomed to Germany?. No other inputs are allowed.” The images recalled by our experiences told, become to be the storytellers of our multiple, yet common histories.

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  • 20 I 20 – 100 Years Berlin Exhibiton, Schoeler Kunsthaus, Berlin, August 2020.
  • Labour Film Festival, Turkey, May 2020.
  • Taking PartiarcyApArt, Projektraum "art.endart", Berlin, November 2019
  • Films from the South, Thessaloniki, Greece, October 2019
  • Lange Nacht der Bilder, BLO Ateliers, Berlin, September 2019
  • Lives in Transit Exhibition, Edingburg, UK, June 2019
  • Flying Broom International Women Film Festival, Turkey, May 2019
  • We, The City Conference, Humboldt University, Berlin, June 2019
  • In the Blink of a Bird Exhibition, nGbK, Berlin, April 2019
  • Ethnographic Film Festival Intimalente, Italy, April 2019
  • #disPlaced - #rePlaced Festival, Radial System, Berlin, April 2019
  • Lange Nacht der Politics, Rathaus Lichtenberg, Berlin, March 2019
  • ‘Lange Nacht der Bilder’ Exhibition, BLO, Berlin, September 2018
  • Tag der Offenen Tür, BLO Ateliers, Berlin, June 2018
  • Situational Dictionary: Now Exhibition, Apartment Project, Berlin, June 2018
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Director: Özlem Sarıyıldız
Camera: Bora Yediel
Sound: Melih Sarıgöl
Montage: Özlem Sarıyıldız
Translation: Kristina Kramer, Gülen Güler